Pregnancy insomnia

It makes sense really, once two months of excruciatingly, to-the-core-of-my-bone-marrow-tiredness is over, that pregnancy insomnia sets in.

(Picture my sarcastic face).

It’s just past 4.00am on a Sunday morning and I couldn’t be more wide awake. Just a shame the sun hasn’t caught up with my brain.

Never having been someone who has trouble getting to – or staying – asleep, this is still admittedly a little bit novel. I do quite like being up in the middle of the night with the TV to myself and an excellent excuse for drinking hot chocolate.

Fine on a weekend morning – but not so much fun when you have a full work day ahead of you on less than five hours’ sleep – especially for someone who panics if less than eight hours is on the agenda (yes parents, feel free to laugh at me and the sheer knackeredness that awaits once the baby is here).

Apparently suffering from insomnia during pregnancy is A Thing. But there don’t seem to be many useful explanations for exactly what causes it. Not being able to get to sleep because you’re uncomfortable in bed; have heartburn; or if you’re worrying about the baby’s imminent arrival: yes. But suddenly waking up in the middle of the night like it’s 9.00am: nope.

Guidance online helpfully suggests napping during the day (yep, sure that would go down totally well in my office at 10.00am), reducing caffeine content (already pretty nonexistent) or not eating dinner too late (definitely not a problem in this greedy household).

A couple of suggestions which might actually be useful:

  • eating more vitamin B – not sure exactly why, but can’t do any harm
  • getting adequate exercise during the day – definitely something that’s been lacking from my routine lately
  • ensuring that you’re comfortable in bed – coincidentally, we have a new mattress on order which is a million times better than our current old, sagging Ikea one.

Do you have any ideas about what causes pregnancy insomnia – or any solutions? Please let me know!

3 thoughts on “Pregnancy insomnia

  1. Ha, it’s 7am and I’m awake watching the food network. The only thing I’ve found that helped me was a glass of milk, I think half the time I wake up it’s because I’m hungry. I just started to accept some days I would sleep less than others, which is rotten but not trying desperately trying to get back to sleep helped a lot.

    Now I wake up with numb bits (particularly my ears. Seriously.)or starving. Or with heart burn. But I’m getting used to it! That being said, If one more person tells me it’s my body ‘preparing’ for the baby I will probably punch them…

  2. Hope you’re not too knackered yourself!

    Unfortunately I have a bit of a wierd milk aversion… I can have it with cereal fine, but the thought of drinking a glass of milk make me feel all wierd and gaggy (yes, it’s odd!) Some warm almond milk might be nice though – and probably better than a sugary hot choc that’s likely to make me more awake. I think you’re right: being hungry might have something to do with it – I’m really starting to get a bigger appetite now that the baby is growing lots.

    Numb ears…I’ve not heard of those – interesting! I’m trying to appreciate the fact that I’m not uncomfortable yet because of the bump – all that is to come I guess 🙂

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