Time out


Not the chocolate bar… Although come to think of it, those are very nice… But it’s time for a break for us this week.

I suppose you might call it a babymoon – but I can’t help but group that with ‘yummy mummy’ and other slightly cringey phrases. So holiday it is.

Having just returned from a gentle five mile walk feeling like my lower back might fall apart, I’m glad we didn’t leave it too much longer. At 24 weeks I’ve got a decent amount of energy and I think I’ve just reached the tipping point where my body can put up with trekking up cliffs and across fields without feeling awful the next day.

I was surprised how slow I had to take it though – and felt about as achy as I have post-marathon by the time we got back to our cottage.  At the moment, luckily, it’s nothing that a stretch out (thanks yoga classes), a sit down and some cake can’t fix. However, it did give me a bit of insight into what walking around town might feel like in the new year. Definitely a kick up the ass to practice what my yoga teacher is preaching every week.

Anyway, aside from me moaning about my creaky joints and eating too many travel sweets, this break’s been a nice breather away from work – and a chance to think about what remains of this pregnancy with just over three months to go. Not sure about anyone else, but it seems as if someone flipped the egg timer back the other way after our 20 week scan at double time. After all of those weeks counting down every day to the first and second scans, I find myself having to double check what week we’re on. This is liberating – but also getting a little scary, as the weeks left of work go down under double figures.

Anyway, back to Pointless and maybe running a bubble bath. When people told us to enjoy this holiday because it’d be our last relaxing one for a while, I don’t think they were actually joking – so no-guilt-laziness it is.

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