Stretching it

Moisturising really brings out the worst in me. You think it’s a pretty innocuous task? For some reason I really cannot stand it… It makes me impatient and a bit ragey: both the time it takes after a shower to rub in and then to soak up into my skin when I just. want. to. get. warm. and. dry. By the amount of moisturisers on the market, I am a bit of a wierdo (anyone else out there…? No?)

I seem to get away fine due to drinking a heck of a lot of water, oil-based bath and shower gels, the occasional overnight body oil soak in, and mostly general luck in having smooth, non-dry skin.

But pregnancy lotions and potions are jumping out at me left, right and centre at the moment and making me a bit paranoid that I should be slapping something on more regularly. Today, I noticed that my belly button appeared to have shrunk – then realised that my stomach had in fact swelled a lot over the past week and a bit. This tummy is definitely growing, and I think it might need some more greasing up to aid it on its way.

Now don’t get me wrong: I adore a beauty product – and any valid excuse to buy one is good in my books. As mentioned, so far I’ve been getting by with a couple of soaking/oiling products and if you’re averse to the whole bottle squeezing-rubbing-soaking in rigmarole, I would totally recommend this trio.


Image source: Soap and Glory

Exfoliate – this probably takes the same time as moisturising, but I find it a hell of a lot more satisfying – I think it’s because I can immediately feel the difference. Soap and Glory’s Pulp Friction smells zingy and fresh and delicious and the fine particles really cling onto your skin until you’re ready to rinse away all those dead skin cells you’ve just sloughed away. Yummy.


Image source: Superdrug

Shower/bath oil – this almond one by L’Occitane is absolute manna for your nose and body. I’m not normally an advocate of spending a load on products that are just going to be drained down the plug hole – and at £17.50 a bottle is expensive, but completely worthwhile. The aroma is sweet but deep and so almondy and it lathers up a treat. Also great to use as a shaving oil and completely negates the need for moisturiser – yesss.

Body oil – I’ve recently been using Garnier Body Ultimate Beauty Oil and have been impressed. For some reason the scent takes me right back to Thailand – obviously a plus. It’s a spray applicator so not messy and soaks in fast, so no angry waiting for me. Also not bad value at £7.99 (it’s often on offer too in supermarkets or pharmacies). I’ve been using mine for months (albeit quite grudgingly) and I’ve only used about a fifth.


Image source: L’Occitane

So, these three products have been serving me well, but I’m thinking as baby M gets bigger and bigger (please baby, not TOO big) – I’m going to need more moisture to make the stretching a little more comfortable. I hear that stretch marks are unavoidable if you’re predisposed to them due to your skin type… but you gotta live in hope, right? Have you used any decent pregnancy oils, butters or *shudder* moisturisers? This might be the one time I take a deep breath and just get on with it.

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