Plodding along


I wanted to pop up a couple of days after my last post and get into regular blogging… but then I got distracted by Twitter and cups of tea and browsing ASOS, and… it really doesn’t take a lot these days to distract my already attention deficit brain. 

This is likely to be a pretty rambling post as I don’t have a specific topic or annoyance to rant – sorry, write about. But I wanted to keep writing, so all of those exciting blog post ideas that I did have last week come flooding back to me: so here we are.

Surprisingly, at 33 weeks I’m still feeling pretty good – despite the post-Christmas return to work. Maybe I’m over dramatising this late pregnancy lark and imagining it to be worse than it might be? I just keep expecting that any day I’m going to wake up knackered and finally unable to haul myself out of bed. That day might be on its way, but I’m just about managing to roll my bump and (increasingly lardy) bum out of bed to work in the mornings without too much hate. Yes, there are plenty of weeks still to go, but I’m very grateful to have made it this far and still feel healthy and energised.

That’s not to say I haven’t been huffing and puffing around lately: I have to stop myself from ‘heave ho’ sound effects when I get up from the sofa or the office chair. They aren’t really necessary, but seem to make the effort a little easier somehow. Climbing the stairs at work now feels like the last leg of a fast 10K, where your muscles are burning and you have to open up your lungs to find extra oxygen. But I’m stubborn and still do it, if only for my withering gluteus maximus.

These past couple of weeks, I have been really grateful for the pregnancy yoga classes that I’ve been taking since early on. The small pronounced ‘pony steps’ that we practise are slightly ridiculous, but a wonder for avoiding the dreaded pregnancy waddle. I don’t know what I’d do without some cat stretches when my back pain gets really irritating (document courtesy of my lovely yoga teacher). And the relaxation bit at the end is a lovely, guilt-free nap. 

One final thing: I think I’ve found my ideal pregnancy jeans. I don’t say this often, but thank you Top Shop. Nearly too late, but I got there in the end. They are skinny, but not too thin of leg. They’re a nice stretchy material with a generous waistband – and are just the right length. Miraculous. And definitely worth £38 which I was trying to avoid shelling out.

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