Natural childbirth remedies: arnica

My Amazon basket looks a little something like this at the moment:


Yup, this week I’m all about the natural remedies. Anything that can possibly help with either bringing on labour, making it more manageable and reducing my recovery time has to be worth a shot.

I’ve been doing a little reading around the remedies that I’m considering and thought that someone else out there might appreciate some information on the various options out there. Please note ‘reading around’ has consisted of googling and picking out sources that look remotely reliable. Please see a midwife or GP if you have any questions about using any natural remedies!

First up, arnica.

Generally I’d say I was on side with Ben Goldacre, whose critique of homeopathy seems fairly watertight to me. So, being a homeopathic remedy, why am I considering ordering up some arnica pills to take in the run up to – and after – labour?

According to the British Homeopathic Society, arnica can help to reduce the bruising and bleeding of normal labour. I haven’t read any studies to back this up – so I’m open to the possibility that this is a placebo effect. However, I’ve used arnica in cream form to treat bruises – and I believe that it reduces bruising and recovery time. This is therefore something I’m happy to use. Numerous forum posts and reviews have positive things to say about the effect of arnica on bruising recovery after labour. Even if it’s a psychosomatic effect, it seems to be doing something.

If you want to take arnica, apparently it should be taken in the highest potency you can obtain, during and after labour. I have these ones in my Amazon basket. I couldn’t resist this lovely looking arnica bath oil, because even if it’s a figment of my imagination, every little helps right?


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