280 days is apparently the length of an average pregnancy and the number of days from the start of the last period – which is used to calculate a baby’s due date.

Unfortunately, this neat little calculation can be easily out by five weeks.

So really, 280 days is a tongue in cheek, not-too-serious run through of one particular experience of pregnancy: mine!

Writing things down to make sense of them is my natural default, so around halfway through my first pregnancy I’ve finally got around to noting it down.

This blog is a space for me to write aloud about how pregnancy is treating me. The posts will have no particular rhyme or reason and will most likely depend on my mood of the day. I hope someone out there identifies with some of this – comments are always very welcome and will reassure me that I’m not going completely insane while growing a human being.


*Disclaimer: please don’t take any medical or statistical references too seriously and always seek the advice of your doctor if you need medical advice: I will have most likely consulted Dr Google or Mr NHS Choices.*


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